Dining at Hotel Xanadu

Welcome to our Tuk Tuk POP-UP

Tuk tuks are the successor to the earlier human-powered rickshaw, and are believed to get their somewhat out-of-the-ordinary name from the sound that the earliest engines made.

There are many different auto rickshaw types, designs, and variations, and this transport method is common across the whole of Asia. Tuk Tuks are usually colourful and often personalised by their owners who enhance their vehicles with all sorts of innovative and creative touches.

Our POP-UP has been designed to reflect this crazy and eclectic urban buzz by offering a selection of street food with personal and vivid touches created by Lalit Bisht, our Head Chef.

Our Asian tapas and trendy cocktail menu has something for you all. Enjoy a culinary journey which combines our unique selection of Asian street food, interesting drink selections and a vibrant venue.

Our Tuk Tuk POP-UP is your destination for Asian spice.

We hope you enjoy the ambience and food created by Tuk Tuk Pop up.

Find out more at www.tuktukpopup.com